Alarge Die steel Quenching hardness high pressure vacuum gas quenching furnace


Product Description

1).Horizontal, single chamber, horizontal loading type

2).Excellent temperature uniformity realized by optimized furnace hearth.

3).For different cooling speed requirements, it can use single heat exchanger furnace hearth cooling or dual and multi-stage heat exchanger furnace hearth cooling

4).Inverter starting of air cooling motor

5).Classification of isothermal quenching(optional)

Product Application

Gas quenching furnace used in machinery manufacturing, aerospace and other industries. It is used for gas quenching of materials like tool steel ,die steel, high speed steel super high strength steel and also used for stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloy solution treatment. The gas quenching furnace has horizontal single-chamber structure, composed by furnace body, furnace cover, heating chamber and forced circulation cooling device etc.

Main parameters

Max temp: 1350

Average temp: ±5

Max vacuum: 4.2×10-1Pa-----6.7×10-4Pa

Heating element: Graphite/ Moly

Furnace hearth: Graphite heating element and graphite felt heating insulation/ Moly heating element and metal heating insulation.

Pressure rise rate: 0.67Pa/h

Gas quenching pressure: 6-15bar

Cooling gas: N2/Ar2/He

Chamber size: 300×300×450mm  400×400×600mm  500×500×700mm

700×700×1200mm 800×800×1200mm 900×900×1600mm Furnace size is customized)

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