1200c 1600c Vacuum Hardening Sintering Melting Brazing Heat Treatment Furnace


Product Application
Our irreplaceable quality equipment designed for pyrolysis, melting, analysis and production ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, machinery, chemical, glass, refractories. The equipment is suitable for institutions of higher learning and laboratory of scientific research institute and industrial and mining enterprises for developing new material, special materials, construction materials and so on.

Main technical parameterS

 (Working Temperature Range 500-1200℃)

Vacuum Degree

--0.1MPa(Can Customize As 1Pa, -1Pa, -0.01Pa and so on)

Heating Element

Silicon carbide Rod (Sic)

Furnace Lining Materials

High purity alumina fiber board;



Standard Furnace Chamber Dimension

200*150*150 MM|300*200*200 MM |400*200*200 MM|500*300*200   MM|500*300*300 MM

Standard Accessories

Heating   Elements, Specification Certificate, Heat Insulation Brick, Crucible Pliers,   High-Temperature Gloves.

Cooling Structure

Air and water cooling(Equip circulating water pump and   tank(300L))

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