1200C Trolley Electric Bogie Heat Treatment Car Bottom Furnace


Product Description

1) Temperature accuracy:±1℃; Constant temperature:±1℃(Base on Heating zone size).

2) High-Speed Temperature rise rate. (temperature rise rate 1℃/h to 30℃/min can be modified).

3) Double layer loop protection. (over temperature protection, overpressure protection, overcurrent protection, thermocouple protection, Power supply protection and so on)

4)  Furnace surface after spraying plastics it will resistance acid and alkali and also having corrosion-proof, the furnace wall temperature approaching the indoor temperature.

Product Application

Our irreplaceable quality equipment designed for pyrolysis, melting, analysis and production ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, machinery, chemical, glass, refractories. The equipment is suitable for institutions of higher learning and laboratory of scientific research institute and industrial and mining enterprises for developing new material, special materials, construction materials and so on.

Main technical parameter

Heating Element: Super Alloy Resistance Wire(Contains Molybdenum) Or Silicon Carbide Rod(Sic)

Working Temperature: 600 ℃-1200℃

Maximum Using Temperature: 1250 ℃

Temperature Control Accuracy: ± 1℃(Integrated circuit control, no overshoot phenomenon)

Quantity Of Temperature Zone: 1-16(Quantity of temperature zone can be customize)

Refractory: High Purity Aluminum Fiber Board

Power Supply: 380V (Three-Phase Five-Wire 380V can be customize)

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