Top Quality Mosi2 Electric Furnace Heater

Molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heating element can be used for element temperature up to 1800C (3270f). Our MoSi2 heating element can be made into straight or curved elements of various shapes and sizes, characterized by long service life and stable performance.

1. specifications:

Type: 1700c / 1800C

Diameter: 3 / 6, 4 / 9, 6 / 12, 9 / 18, 12 / 24, etc.

Type: I, u, W, u right angle shape, etc

We can produce according to your requirements.

2. Physics Characters:

Volume Density

Bending Strength

Vickers Hardness


Water absorption

Heating Elongation Rate


15-25 kg/cm3





3. Chemical properties

MoSi2 heating element is used in high temperature and oxidation atmosphere. It will form a SiO2 film, which prevents the elements from melting. In the oxidation process, when the element is used continuously, the SiO2 protective film will be formed again. MoSi2 heating element must not be used in the temperature range of 400C to 700C for a long time, otherwise the element will be cremated under the strong oxidation at low temperature.


4. Service temperature in different atmosphere


     The Maximum Using Temperature of Elements



     No2 ,Co2 ,O2 ,Air



     He ,Ar ,Ne






     CO ,H2



     Wet H2



     Dry H2



5. We provide specially designed MoSi2 elements according to customers' requirements, so as to optimize element design for each specific application.

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