Silicon Carbide Heater Rod

Product description of silicon carbide heating rod

Silicon carbide electrothermal element is a kind of non-metallic high temperature electrothermal element. High quality green silicon carbide is selected as the main raw material, and the blank is formed by high temperature silicification and recrystallization. It is one of the most popular economical heating elements and can work in hot and strict environment.

Advantage of SiC heating rod

1. MOQ is very small.

2. to 1500 C (surface temperature).

3. Cheap prices.

4. Unified resistance.

5. Individual packing, not easy to break.

6. There are many shapes to choose, such as rod, U, W, single helix, double helix and so on.

7. Large size range.

8. High heat output per unit area.

9. High strength and good impact resistance.

10. The heat source has no noise and air pollution.

Silicon Carbide Heater Rod

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