Electric Industrial Stainless Steel Tubular Heating Element

Tubular heaters are used in almost all kinds of heating equipment. They are easy to form and have the highest mechanical stability and electrical properties. The screws of tubular heaters have been standardized and can be used for liquids such as water. Finned tube heater is especially suitable for air heating cabinet or tunnel. Flange heaters are easy to install, control and maintain. You need a unique designer. For corrosive environment, titanium tubular heating element is better. Other Teflon sleeves may be used.

When fin heaters are required, pay attention to the following specifications.

1. Drawings are very helpful.

2. Power, voltage and shape

3. Working temperature

4. Material requirements

5. quantity

6. Other requirements

                                                    Technical Data







     SUS304, 316, 321, titanium, copper (customized)

Dia 8, 10, 12, 16, 20mm (customized)



 heating element

Heating element function:

1. Material: copper, stainless steel (SUS 304, 321, 316), titanium, Inconel and non heat resistant alloy sheath

2. Nickel chromium resistance wire

3. Diameter of various sizes


Heating element application:

1. Plastic processing machinery

2. Water oil heating device

3. packing machine

4. Vending machine

5. Molds and tools

6. Heating chemical solution

7. Oven and dryer

8. Kitchen equipment

9. Medical equipment

10, for many other appliances

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