12V heating element belt heater

Cartridge Electric Heating 


This kind of heater is used to heat the mail of metal holes, air, water, oil and so on.

The electrothermal element can effectively adapt to various environments, such as air separation equipment, glass processing, metallurgy, pharmaceutical equipment, plastic packaging, die heating, semiconductor heating, etc.

Raw material:

- High quality MgO

- Seamless stainless steel pipe

- Imported resistance wire

Basic parameters:

Product name 

Cartridge heater 

Pipe diameter

stainless steel 304/316/321

Machining precision

Ø 3mm-50mm customized


20mm-12m customized


6-1000V customized

Resistance error


Limiting temperature


Useable medium

Gas/water/oil/mold/ high temperature burning

Heat efficiency

99.99%(close unlimitedly to 100%)



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