110V heating element for electric grill parts

Electric heating element product description:


electric bbq grills parts 110v heating element


Incoloy800/840;SUS321/316L/304/;Aluminum;Copper etc.


800°C Maximum


Silicone oil;Precoated MgO,RTV




110-400v /300W-5000W




Natural white color/black color / green color available

Special design per your request


for household home appliances/ domestic appliance
/industrial appliances (dry/immersion use)

Main technical information of heating elements:

Cold insulation resistance > 50 m_

Grounding Resistance < 10

Conditions for use: ambient temperature - 20 ~ + 60

Various styles according to your requirements

Electrical strength: sinusoidal AC withstand voltage test at 1500 v/50 Hz

Which does not break down for 1 minute?

Leakage current: < 5 Ma

Pictures are for reference only.

Various shapes can be made according to customers'requirements.

Charcoal barbecue opener/barbecue lighter:

The charcoal will be ready in a few minutes.

No more toxic lighter fluids

Safer to the environment

Food tastes better

Charcoal is ready to start in 10 minutes with charcoal companion electric charcoal.

Lay a layer of charcoal on the charcoal grille of the grill. Place the electric starter above the starter, and place more starters above the starter.

After the firebrick is ignited, remove and remove the starter. Cool on insulated surfaces, away from children and pets.

Do not let the starter stay in the press for more than 8 minutes, otherwise the starter may be damaged by high temperature. In order to prevent shock, the starter should be used only at the outlet of the correct grounding. If the suffix letter is marked on the surface of the power cord, a trident extension line can be used for outdoor appliances.

Electric starter heating. Keep away from exposed skin and inflammable materials. Electric starters and extension wires should be kept away from fire and water, and away from children.

Electric Charcoal Lighter - Barbecue Starter, 500-1000 Watts Black, Green: Outdoor Cooking Barbecue Tools

110V heating element for electric grill parts

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