Aluminum brazed plate fin heat exchanger

Aluminum brazed plate fin heat exchanger

Product Description




Fin types


classfication according to the medium

oil cooler,water radiator,air cooler,intercooler 

combined oil-water cooler,combined oil-water cooler,combined air-water cooler

air separator,condensator evaporator,radiator with fan motor

classification according to the application 

for compressor

for engineer machinery

for automobile

for industry

for watercraft,marine engineer 

Aluminum brazed plate fin heat exchanger advantages

1) adopting the world's advanced vacuum brazing technology, we have 4 vacuum brazing furnaces

2) the slatted structure is much stronger and will not break even in harsh conditions

3) materials in aluminum 3003 and 6063

4) strong heat transfer ability

5) longer service life than tubular fins

6) we can design and customize according to customers' drawings or samples

7) professional service, we always believe that customer first, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit

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