Air-cooled copper tube condenser coil heat exchanger

The product description

All our products can be customized, accessories have been UL certification, and our products in the process of processing and before delivery have been through strict quality inspection, if necessary, we can be sent to the customer in the process of photography every step of the process.

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Product information

Air-cooled copper tube condenser coil heat exchanger

High Efficiency pipe

Tuber OD:9.52MM 12.7MM
Inside type:Both smooth and grooved
Line:Geometry available 21.65*25 and 38.1*33
Advantages:Increase inside heat exchange areas of tube  and intensity of refrigerant. At least 15% heat transfer  efficiency increased


Standard:Both standard and blue fin
Fin Size1.9MM-6MM
Advantages:Fin pitchs can be customized by user.

The features are as follows:

Air-cooled copper tube condenser coil heat exchanger

Our advantages:

1. Focus on condensers and evaporators for 20 years. We make our products with our heart.

2. Strong r&d department ensures reasonable design and excellent quality.

3. Strict quality control to ensure product quality.

4. 24-hour online service.

5. Efficient teamwork.

Reasonable structure:

The condenser has reasonable structure and good compatibility, and can be matched with various compressors.

Different refrigerants such as R22, R134a and R407c can be used.

Ensure safe operation:

The air-cooled condenser is tested at 2.5MP air pressure to ensure high air tightness of the product.

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