Refractory Ceramic Fiberboard for Furnace Lining

Ceramic fibre refractory board 600*400 mm


Product advantages:

1. non combustible,

2. Low density and low thermal conductivity.

3. The heating and cooling time is short.

4. Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance.

5. The material is not brittle and has good toughness.

6. High compressive strength.

7. Flexible, easy to cut or install.

Product applications:

Industrial furnace back heat preservation at high temperature.

Ceramic kilns, mechanical metallurgical heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces and other industrial furnaces have low calorific value.

High temperature block fire protection and flame insulation.

Kiln door, kiln car, expansion joint and other thermal insulation materials.

Glass kiln insulation.

Refractory Ceramic Fiberboard for Furnace Lining

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