portable fuel storage container pressure tank

Product parameters

Explosion-proof storage tank

Effective volume of the tank




design pressure




Tank wall

Double tank

Can type



1. All materials and components used in the equipment shall be manufactured by well-known domestic manufacturers, with good quality, safety and reliability, and product certification and quality certification documents.

2. All fittings used in this equipment are explosion-proof fittings and corrosion-resistant fittings, and should have explosion-proof certificates and quality certification documents.

3. All fasteners of the equipment should be firmly connected and reliable loosening prevention measures should be taken.

4. All threading holes of the equipment should be effectively sealed with explosion-proof materials. All flanges and other joints shall be braided with copper to achieve effective bridging.

5. The manufacturing standard of explosion-proof material in tank body should be higher than the national standard. The inspection report issued by the testing institution has the qualification of national first-class explosion-proof appraisal.

6. The tank body adopts butt joint technology and double-layer welding joint strengthening technology. Defects such as burning through, undercutting, slag inclusion and welding are not allowed outside the weld.

7. Anti-corrosion and paint: shot peening is used for rust removal of inner and outer tanks, and the surface roughness is Sa2.5; the outer surface of outer tanks is 50 micron thick epoxy zinc-rich anti-rust primer, 80 micron thick epoxy mica iron intermediate paint, 60 micron thick polyurethane top paint, and the total thickness of dry film is not less than 150 micron; the inner surface of inner tanks is oil-resistant and conductive anti-rust paint, while the inner surface and outer surface of outer tanks are epoxy zinc-rich anti-rust primer. Topcoat is made of polyurethane topcoat. The total thickness of the dry film is not less than 130 um. The paint adopts well-known brand coatings at home and abroad.

8. The LOGO of the equipment appearance shall provide the effect drawing according to the buyer's request, which can be sprayed after Party A's confirmation.


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