Ring rolling mill

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Ring rolling mill


Introduction :

Ring rolling mills are used where the diameter of the blanks needs to be increased in order to produce rings. For this the blanks are heated to forging temperature and their wall thickness reduced during radial ring rolling by a main roll and a mandrel roll. For radial-axial ring rolling, two axial rolls reduce the height of the blanks simultaneously.


Application :

Carbon steels

Low and high-alloy steels

Austenitic steels

Super alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, Waspaloy, Incoloy, Nimonic

NF metals such as titanium, aluminium and copper alloys



Radial rolling force:5000KN

Axial rolling force:6300KN

Cone rolls angle:30°

Linear velocity: 1.3 m/s

Motor for radial rolling:2x630kw

Motor for axial, rolling:2x1000KW

Rolled ring OD : 1300-8000 mm 

Space between cone rolls:120-950 mm

Max. thickness of blank:1100 mm

Machine length:33000 mm

Machine height (above floor):9500 mm



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