Low Price Magnetic Induction Forging Furnace

The furnace basically includes JL intermediate frequency generator, compensation cover, workbench, heating coil, coil cover, rod feeder, etc. For some applications, it can also include infrared sensor, temperature controller and automatic rod feeding system.

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Forging furnace characteristics:

1. The frequency range is from 1kHz to 20kHz, and the frequency can be designed to meet different sizes of heating rod.

2. In the continuous heating process, the load inside the coil is stable, which overcomes the huge power change caused by the huge load change in the heating process from the cold rod to the 1100 degree rod. The actual power can reach more than 85% of the rated power of the machine.

3. The length of heating coil is 500mm to 1m, and several pieces can be heated at the same time to ensure the penetration effect.

4. Even when heating copper or aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, the actual power can reach more than 85% of the rated power of the machine by properly designing the coil and matching the compensation cover. 3.5kg copper or brass can be heated to 700 degrees per kilowatt in one hour.

Technical Parameter:



Input power desire

3 phase 380V  50/60HZ

Max oscillate power


Max input current


Output voltage


Output current


Oscillate frequency


Cooling water desire

≥0.5MPa  ≥6L/Min

Duty cycle

100% 40°C


Induction heater:630x600x1350mm
     Forging furnace: 1250x600x580mm

Net weight


Cable length


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