Induction Metal Heating Melting Casting Forging Furnace

Induction Metal Heating Melting Casting Forging Furnace Characteristics:

Our series resonant inverter intermediate frequency power supply can realize the smelting of one furnace and the adiabatic refining of another furnace, so this advanced technology realizes that one set of equipment is equivalent to two sets of equipment working at the same time. And the utilization ratio of power transformer is very high. According to the theoretical calculation and field test, it can save half of the transformer capacity. SCR series rectifier is a series resonant inverter, which has high power factor and high harmonic pollution. There is no need to add reactive power compensation device and harmonic control device. The current induction coil is small and the melting time is short. It can save 20% power.


Induction furnace product description:

1. Intelligent device, easy to operate, high stability

2. High efficiency and energy consumption less than 550kwh / T

3. Famous domestic and foreign brands are used for electronic components.

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