IGBT Induction Forging Furnace

IGBT induction forging furnace features:

1. With series resonance technology, the induction coil can output high voltage and low current. The loss of resonance circuit is 25 times lower than that of parallel resonance. The whole machine can save 10-20% energy.

2. The induction furnace body adopts heat insulation, heat preservation and heat preservation technology, which not only reduces the heat loss, but also greatly reduces the maintenance and maintenance cost of the inductor. The structure of the inductor is simple and easy to maintain. It abandons the traditional casting technology and has no crack and waste;

3. 12 pulse technology is adopted to solve the pollution of induction heating equipment to power grid.

4. At the same time of improving the coil voltage and saving energy, the patented technology is adopted to completely solve the ignition fault and unsafe factors caused by high induction coil voltage;

5. Integrated design, compact structure and simple operation.

6. The temperature of the core worktable is controllable;

7. It can finish precision forging heating of copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals;

8. Automatic control can be realized by configuring automatic loading, loading, sorting, fast loading, etc

IGBT induction forging furnace Technical parameters :

Power range: 30kw-10000kw

Frequency range: 0.1-80khz


Induction coil introduction

Induction coil introduction Technical parameters :

According to the customer's detailed technical requirements.

Induction coil introduction Features:

1. The magnetic field distribution and design are accurate, efficient and energy-saving.

2. It can be used with the magnetizer to adjust the magnetic field strength easily.

3. Easy to disassemble and exchange.

4. Fastness and durability.

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