High temperature forging furnace

High temperature forging treatment furnace of description

This high temperature forging furnace is suitable for heat treatment of large carbon steel, alloy steel and high temperature forging workpiece.

The main features of high temperature forging furnace

1. Refractory fiber is ceramic fiber block, good insulation effect, fast heating, and can save 20%-30% energy compared with brick lining.

2. If necessary, a controlled atmosphere can be provided to reduce the oxidative combustion loss of the workpiece

3, the furnace temperature uniformity is good, light weight, easy to use, low maintenance cost.

4. The electrical control part is purchased from well-known domestic brands. If it cannot meet your requirements, we can also provide you with schneider, omron, Siemens and other international famous brands.

5. Material boxes can be provided according to actual needs.

6. Temperature uniformity is ±5℃.

High temperature forging furnace

Technical parameters



Rated power


Rated voltage

380V 3P 50HZ

Rated temperature


Control zone


Furnace outlet size

Width:1800mm,height: 1200mm

Valid working sizes:

3200X1700X1020 mm

Connection method


Temperature uniformity


Temperature control precise


Heating method

Heating element HRE

Temperature control method


Insulation thickness


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