Forging upsetter machine for pipe

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Forging upsetter machine for pipe




The machine rigidity is bigger. 400T upsetting force. Wide working range.

Two side locking mechanism and working state stable.

Imported electrical components. Improve the performance of equipment.

PLC man-machine control system. Jog, semi-automatic, fully automatic three operation modes.

Work pressure and stroke can be adjusted according to the requirement within the specified range.


Application :

Hydraulic upsetting machine is widely used in oilfield, construction, bridge and other industries.

It is the preferred equipment to carry out large quantities. It is very suitable for round steel, steel pipe and other long rod.


Parameter :

Upsetting force:4000KN

Upsetting travel:800MM

Punch advance speed:>190MM

Upset-extruding speed:47KN

Die assembly clamping force:5400KN

Top and bottom die openness:180MM

Die length:900MM

Overall dimension(L*W*H):3977*2597*2512MM

Weight: 19000KG

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