Flat steel induction forging furnace

Flat steel induction forging furnace industry

Induction heating in metal and foundry forging

Full/full heating and partial/partial heating of billet

Example: hardware tools, fasteners

Induction heating in the forging of automobile parts

Example: camshaft, axle

The advantages of induction forging

Maximum carbon steel production is 3 t/h

Work pieces with diameters greater than 140mm or lengths greater than 400mm require special heating furnaces

Heat evenly, temperature monitor

Rapid heating reduces oxidation layer

Power output: 100-800kw

Frequency: 0.5 to 10 KHZ

Rod diameter: 25-200mm

Output: 0.2-3t/h

Temperature: 800-1250 ℃

Material: carbon steel, brass, iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum

Flat steel induction forging furnace

Technical parameters of flat steel induction forging furnace

Rated Output Power30KW40KW60KW80KW120KW160KW
Working Frequency10-30KHz8-15KHz
Power Capacity38KVA50KVA75KVA100KVA150KVA200KVA
Input Power380V/50Hz 3Phases 4 lines
Working Voltage342V-430V
Input Current48A63A97A135A195A240A

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