High Frequency Induction Forging Machine for Nuts and Bolts


High Frequency Induction Forging Machine for Nuts and Bolts


Brief introduction:
Our induction heating machines adopt IGBT series parallel induction heating technology as the core. Heat the workpiece to a certain temperature, and then cool it rapidly to change its machine structure to achieve some special mechanic properties.


Suitable for heating steel bars, pipes, plates and angle steels.
1. Be applicable to heating, brazing, quenching / hardening, etc.
2. IGBT technology as the core.
3. Environmentally friendly: no air pollution, no dust and little noise.
4. Reduced operating cost: high automation, fewer operators needed.
5. Energy saving: high energy conversion..
7. High efficiency: Metal can be heated to its desired temperature, even its melting point instantly.
8. Duty cycle 100%: can work for 24 hours without stop.


Main technical parameters:

Input power

160 kw

Input current


Input voltage

three-phase 380~440 V, 50~60 Hz

Oscillation frequency

15~25 KHz

Duty cycle



Main part

600*480*1360 mm (before packing)

770*620*1500 mm (after packing)

Auxiliary part

800*500*580 mm (before packing)

980*620*750 mm

(after packing)


260 kg (after packing)

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