Cold Forging Machine Equipment

Pressing, hot pressing, forging, stamping, powder compaction, compression, molding, etc.

Cold Forging Machine Equipment Features:

Motor drive system:

1. Small starting current: little impact on power grid.

2. When the punch is started, the motor stops when feeding, picking bricks and cleaning the mold. Up to 65% energy saving.

3. High control accuracy: the speed error is only 0.0001/r.

4. Stable operation: no vibration and large torque at low speed.

5. Fast response: the time from static state to rated speed is very short, and the speed can be adjusted freely between high speed and low speed within one stroke. The hammer has excellent uniform effect.

6. Speed overload function, 2-3 times of rated speed.


Touch screen parameter setting system:

1. According to the technical requirements of different bricks, the user can set the strike time, strike intensity and strike speed in digital way. It can achieve the effect of light pressure releasing air, from light to heavy, whole brick sequencing process, reduce human factors, and improve product quality.

2. The touch screen can display the working status in real time, monitor the production process, automatically detect and report the fault.

3. Be able to set password to protect production security.

4. There are operation instructions and instructions on the touch screen.

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