Microwave Atmosphere Sintering Furnace Experimental Furnace


Microwave Atmosphere Sintering Furnace Experimental Furnace


The equipment is a standard microwave experimental workstation with fast heating rate, high efficiency and good consistency of processed materials. It can provide various working environments such as air, vacuum, protective gas and weak reducing gas for the sintering process. It can be used for sintering and synthesis of materials such as magnetic materials, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, metal compounds, and nitrides. In addition to the advantages of high temperature, low speed, fast and economy, the furnace has the advantages of wide application, simple operation, process repeatability and good stability. It is especially suitable for the development, testing and small-scale production of new materials.

Main application areas:
Degreasing (catalysis, heat)
Powder metallurgy sintered materials (such as MIM / CIM and BASF raw materials);
Sintering, annealing, ceramics, metal materials tempering;
Tempering, reducing glass pyrolysis of presursors;
Vacuum siliconizing;
Welding as in high vacuum;
Crystal growth equipment;
Calibration of thermocouples and pyrometers;
Brazing, carbonization, degreasing, degassing, drying, metal injection molding (MIM), pyrolysis, rapid prototyping, silicidation, sintering, synthesis, tempering;
Claimed synthetic powder or granular material:
Electronic ceramic powder: barium titanate, barium titanate, barium titanate, barium zirconate titanate;
Lithium cobalt oxide of lithium ion battery cathode material, lithium manganate;
Various colorants, glaze materials, inorganic softness;
Alumina, magnesia, zinc oxide, manganese dioxide, manganese-manganicoxide, zirconium oxide, ammonium metavanadate, vanadium pentoxide, titanium dioxide, zinc carbonate, manganese carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, lithium cobalt oxide, iron Zinc acid, trichromatic rare earth fluorescent powder (red), cement.



Technical Parameters:


Experiment furnace


380±10V 50Hz three phase

Rated power:


Microwave output power:

0.01~4.20kW continuously adjustable

Microwave frequency:


Limit temperature:

1600 ° C

Operating temperature:

1550 ° C

Heating space:

Φ150×120mm (diameter×height)

Heating rate:

Rapid heating, average heating rate ≥ 20 ° C / min

Temperature measurement method:

Infrared Thermometer

Temperature range:


Temperature control accuracy:

Reading ±0.1%

Static ultimate vacuum:


Vacuum unit, two-way atmosphere control line:

Oxidizable gas, inert gas, reducing gas, etc.

Rotary seal:

Magnetic fluid

Self-control, manual, constant temperature mode:

40 sections can be set with process parameters, with data storage, export experimental data; curve real-time display; dynamic data screen saver

PLC+ touch screen:

Microwave leakage level<0.5mW/cm2

Anti-microwave leakage:

Over temperature alarm, over current alarm

Magnetron alarm:

Furnace door closing protection switch

Furnace door protection alarm:

Flow alarm

Cooling water alarm:

Flow rate 2m3/h, rated cooling capacity 3.6KW

Circulating cooling water:

About 2100×1000×2000mm (length×width×height)

Main part:

About 2.5m2


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