Laboratory 1700 degree muffle furnace

The door side of 1700 ℃ high temperature muffle furnace is equipped with silicon molybdenum rod heating element, intelligent temperature controller and B type double platinum rhodium thermocouple, which can adjust the furnace temperature and automatically control the temperature. The maximum working temperature is 1700 ℃.

1700 degree muffle furnace technical parameters:

Heating area

Deep100* Wide100* High100mm

Working temperature


The highest temperature


Heating up time


Temperature control accuracy


Heating element



B type double platinum rhodium thermocouple

Working voltage

220V 50HZ/ 110v 60HZ



 External dimension

Deep400* Wide320* High510mm

Laboratory 1700 degree muffle furnace.jpg

1700 degree muffle furnace advantages:

1. The electric furnace shell adopts double-layer forced air cooling structure, so that the maximum external temperature of the furnace shell is close to the room temperature, and the maximum temperature is not higher than 50 ℃

2. The furnace material is light alumina ceramic fiber, which has good heat preservation effect, light weight and high temperature resistance. Heat shock resistance. No cracks. No crystallization. Don't fall down. Don't worry about product pollution, the energy-saving effect is 60-80% of the old furnace.

3. The temperature control adopts electric temperature controller with 30-50 sections of programmable PID self-tuning. Automatic heating. Automatic cooling. No one is on duty. It can also be equipped with RS485 communication interface [it can be started by connecting to ordinary computer. Stop it. Pause heating. Temperature curve can be set. Heating curve stored. History curve and other functions

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