Dewaxing and Ashing Experiments Furnace

Dewaxing and Ashing Experiments Furnace Introduction:

This dewaxing and ashing experimental furnace is specially designed for customers with a 4.5L volumetric electric furnace with super high cost performance.

The classic simplified design process, multi-layer alumina fiber furnace, touch screen controller, and human-computer interaction make operation easier!

The latest technology of molybdenum-doped iron-chromium aluminum alloy heating wire. The exhaust device can be used not only for general purposes, but also for wax and ashing experiments.

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Dewaxing and Ashing Experiments Furnace feature:

1. Maximum temperature 1200C, working temperature Rt --1200C (1200C <3 hours).

2. 51-segment programmable and automatic control.

3. Ceramic fiber furnace, which ensures fast heating speed and saves power.

4. Use special lining and high-quality resistance wire imported from Japan to prevent chemical pollution.

5.Double-layer steel casing with fan cooling to ensure that the surface temperature of the furnace is lower than 50C, providing safety for the operator.

6. 7 ”color touch screen LCD man-machine interface and English graphic interface, the operation is more intuitive and convenient.

7. With exhaust device (exhaust chimney on the top of the furnace), it can be used not only for routine use, but also for wax and ashing experiments.

8. Low power consumption, compact structure and light weight, it is the ideal electric furnace for laboratory and factory production.

Technical data:

     Furnace structure

•1430 type high purity ceramic fibre insulation (energy saving 40% and weight lighter about 30% than old furnace);
     • Double layers steel casing with fan cooling, to ensure the surface of furnace below 50 oC.

Chamber size
     (working space)

     (also supply other sizes according to requirement)

Max. temperature

1200 ℃(<3 hours)

Working temperature

Rt -1150 ℃

Intelligent Touch Screen
     Temperature controller

•PID automatic control and auto-tune function.
     •51 programmable segments for precise control. 
     •Built in protection for over-heated and broken thermal couple.  
     • 7”Color Touch screen LCD & English graphics
      man-machine interface, more intuitive and convenient operation.
     •.Can store 30 sintering programs, and has the function of USB interface derived data.

Heating element

Top quality resistance wire

Heating rate


Temperature accuracy

+/- 1 ℃


K type

Working voltage

AC 208 - 240V, 50/60 Hz (according to requirement)

Max. Power

3 Kw



Quantity / Net weight

1set / 80kgs


12 months


CE, ISO9001

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