industrial heat treatment box type resistance furnace

industrial heat treatment box type resistance furnace description:

Industrial heat treatment box type resistance furnace is used for sintering and heat treatment of metal, ceramic materials and some single crystals, for reheating shrinkage of refractories at high temperature, and for small batch production in factories, colleges and research institutions.


Industrial heat treatment box type resistance furnace  main features:

1. The furnace is made of vacuum formed Al2O3 ceramic fiber, and there is no powder falling off under high temperature. Due to the low heat capacity of the material, the machine can save more than 50% energy.

2. The movement of the furnace door is parallel to the furnace, which is convenient for the user to operate.

3. The heating speed of the machine is fast. It takes 15-30 minutes to rise from room temperature to 1000 ° C.

4. SCR power controller can be programmed through 2 groups / 16 sections, and temperature curve can be set The PID control module ensures high accuracy (± 1 ° C) and constant temperature requirements.

5. When the temperature exceeds the set limit, the furnace gives an audible and visual alarm and stops heating.


Maximum temperature1200ºC(for short time)
Working temperature 1150ºC (continuous)
Heating rate10-30ºC/min, it will take 15-30minutes from room temperature to 1200ºC
Chamber size
Chamber size:330*330*330mm(L*W*H)
Temperature control16 steps programmable and PID automatic control
VoltageAC 380V 3 Phase,50/60 Hz
Heating elementResistance wires

Standard accessories
high temperature gloves 1 pair, crucible tong 1pc, Al2O3 sample block 1pc,power line 1 pc
Warranty One year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty.)

 1200deg.C STM series:

ModelVolumeChamber size W×L×HMax.
Operating temperaturePower supplyHeating elementTemp. Precision
STM-3-123L150×150×100mm1200ºC1150ºC220V/2KWResistant wire±1ºC
STM-6-126L180×230×150mm1200ºC1150ºC220V/3KWResistant wire±1ºC
STM-8-128L200×300×120mm1200ºC1150ºC220V/4KWResistant wire±1ºC
STM-18-1218L250×300×250mm1200ºC1150ºC220V/5KWResistant wire±1ºC
STM-30-1230L300×500×200mm1200ºC1150ºC380V/10KWResistant wire±1ºC

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