Mesh Belt Continuous Bright Annealing Electric Resistance Furnace


Mesh Belt Continuous Bright Annealing Electric Resistance Furnace



1) To meet the production needs of fastening parts, the furnace employs Taiwan technology, and improves its energy-saving effect in the area of refractory lining.

2) The production line employs low-voltage heating through the transformer to prolong the service life of the heating tubes.

3) The mesh belt is supported by the support rollers with synchronized movement so that the mesh belt bears a minimum tension.

4) The rollers are supported by special high-pressure sealed bearing.

5) The mesh belt is designed with abnormal transportation alarm device to assure the stable movement of the mesh belt.

6) The drip-in atmosphere is gasified by a gasifier and then sent into the furnace. The atmosphere is monitored and controlled continuously by an oxygen probe.

7) The hot mesh belt returns back to the entrance of the furnace and preheats the cold partss, which saves energy greatly.


Application :

Widely used for heat treatment of mechanical parts like automobile fittings, fastening, chains, bearings and mechanical parts for tools etc. The furnace has the functions of automatic charging, carburizing (or carburizing & nitriding), quenching, cleaning, cooling and tempering. The computerizing office management is available through a computer control system equipped.


Parameter :

Working zone size : 1000*7600*100mm

Rated power : 380 kw

Productivly : 880~1000kg/h




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