High Performance Electric Resistance Industrial Furnace

Product application

High performance resistance industrial bogie furnace is a national standard energy-saving circulating furnace. It is a fiber structure, which can save 60% power consumption. Bogie furnace is suitable for quenching, annealing and aging treatment of high chromium parts, high manganese castings, cast iron, rolls, steel balls, 45 steel parts, etc.


High Performance Electric Resistance Industrial  Furnace

Temperature control

Rated Temperature


common heating temperature


Furnace body exterior temperature

≤ 55 + room temperature 


Temperature control system precision


Uniformity of furnace temperature


Electrical System



according to customer's 

Temperature Control Method



Components brand


Siemens, Schneider, CHINT(or other quality domestic or overseas brand) 

Mechanical system

door lifting mechansim


electric hoist

bogie driving system


reducing motor

door and bogie moving speed



Refractory lining

hearth lining


aluminum silicate fiber


bogie lining


refractory brick 

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