Custom: high manganese steel quenching heat treatment resistance furnace

I. purpose and structural features of resistance furnace for quenching and heat treatment of high manganese steel

Application: RT2 type cover type tilting trolley furnace, mainly suitable for quenching of high manganese steel and low alloy steel, it can also be used for heat treatment of general metal parts in air. The hardness of quenching is increased by 1~2 degrees.

Custom high manganese steel quenching heat treatment resistance furnace

Structural features of resistance furnace for quenching and heat treatment of high manganese steel:

1: the shell of the furnace is welded by various sections of steel, the furnace body is constructed with all-fiber cotton, and the air insulation device is equipped around the outside of the furnace body.

2: heating element, the furnace body is heated with resistance belt, the flat belt is wound into wave shape with special white porcelain self-tapping screw, and the upper and lower fixing method is installed on the furnace aluminum silicate lining. The bottom of the furnace is coiled with resistance tape and distributed evenly under the furnace plate.

3: cover type furnace lifting, adopt four electric synchronous screw lifting, the device to ensure the top force of the furnace cover lifting and smooth, and in the design of the lower screw is equipped with a shelf, the shelf and the lower part of the furnace body, track is straight. And equipped with a fire protection cover, to cover the rise, the furnace heat burned out the screw, motor.

4: the furnace cover power supply, all use contact power supply, contact installed in the lower position of the furnace, when the furnace cover is raised can automatically disconnect, the furnace cover lifting, trolley access, all equipped with automatic linkage device. 5: turn over the trolley system. Two turn over oil cylinders and one pump station are installed on the trolley. When the trolley reaches the quenching groove position, turn over the knob and the workpiece can be turned over into the side pool.

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