Box type tempering furnace



The RX-60-6 box type heating furnace consists of furnace body, lining, fan,electrical heating elements, electrical control cabinet ,furnace door, etc

1.The furnace body is made by steel(A3,3mm), the lining is filled with aluminum silicate fiber insulation material. This material is a kind of new type of refractory material, it has more efficiency than refractory bricks, and could reduce 15% power.

2.The belt type electrical heating elements are made by high-resistance alloy lay around the lining with ceramic nails.

3. there is a fan fixed on the top of furnace use to make the hot air circle on the furnace heating room.

4.Electrical control cabinet consists of digital instruments and PID control ,has a high accuracy. Ramp programmer 4 programs, 15 steps each one PID. Parameters Alarm Microprocessor in non volatile memory.

5.The furnace door is open up/down with hand, and weld by steel outer and filled with aluminum silicate fiber insulation material inter.



Suitable for quenching of small mechanical parts such as chain, screws and bolts. (Quenching tank User owned)

2,roller size:Φ 520X680(mm)

3,temperature:  950

4,Temperature uniformity :  ≤±10

5,control accuracy :  ±1

6,Temperature control instrument:XMT-101Digital display regulator

7,Power: 45KW  ~380V   3P

8,control area: 1 area

9,heating time:(normal-700)3h;

10,heating element:Resistance wire

11,Add material way: roller tilt, rotate load/unload material.



1. Furnace working area:1000×1000×1000(mm, L×W×H)

2. Work temperature:650

3. Control area:1area

4.Power:60kw, 380V,50HZ

5.temperature uniformity:±10

6.Temperature accuracy:±1

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