Wood Vacuum High Frequency Drying Machine


Wood Vacuum High Frequency Drying Tank

Description : 

High-frequency heating is penetrating heating , the water in the electric field is uniformly heated, the part with more moisture absorbs more high-frequency electric field, and the place with less water only absorbs a small amount of high-frequency electric field, so the power of high-frequency output is effectively obtained. Because the medium such as wood or fiber does not have polarity, it basically does not absorb the electric field, and the high-frequency power is basically no waste utilization, thereby maximally saving energy consumption and reducing drying cost.

In the vacuum state, the water has a lower boiling point and a higher evaporation rate, and the water content gradient on the surface of the wood increases. During the drying process, the surface moisture evaporates into the surrounding air, and on the other hand, the internal moisture continuously Moving to the surface, so the drying speed is accelerated at lower temperatures, thus ensuring the dry quality of the wood. The vacuum state is a negative pressure state, which has a certain water absorption effect, which is similar to the high-frequency pressure gradient, and accelerates the water discharge of the wood core. In addition, under low pressure conditions, the oxygen in the drying medium is scarce due to heat. The color change caused by the oxidation is less, and the natural color of the precious wood can be basically maintained.

Based on the above characteristics, high-frequency vacuum drying is applied to wood drying, which becomes a scientific and environmentally-friendly and efficient drying method, especially suitable for wood drying with large cross-section of hardwood.


High-frequency vacuum wood dryer features:


1. The use of high-frequency heating to solve the rapid heating of wood, drying speed.

2. The wood inside and outside heating at the same time, uniform heating, good quality, can maintain the natural color of the wood.

3. The use of vacuum water absorption reduces the temperature of the wood drying process to make the wood vaporize at a low temperature, and it is not easy to crack to improve the dehydration speed of the wood.

4. Efficient protection does not pollute the environment.

5. High-frequency waves can kill insects and germs hidden inside the board to further ensure the drying quality of the wood while shortening the drying cycle.

It is especially suitable for thick, hard, large-section square wood (which takes a long time with conventional drying methods) for the drying of precious mahogany wood such as rosewood, wenge, huanghuali, etc. and the drying of high-grade wood flooring.

At the same time, it also uses small batches and expansive wood to secondary drying after resurgence.

Application : 

High-frequency vacuum drying is a combination of high-frequency medium heating and vacuum low-temperature drying. It is a fast and almost no waste drying method, especially suitable for the drying of hardwood and heavy wood.

High-frequency heating: Also called high-frequency medium heating, it converts the ordinary 380V AC power supply into a high-frequency electromagnetic field after being boosted-rectified, and high-frequency heating can be realized through related equipment with anode and cathode plates.

Parameter : 

Loading size mm):1250 X 1250 X 8000

Effective capacity:12.5m3

HF Input power:60 KW

Vacuum system:11 KW

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