Transformer coil drying oven

Transformer coil drying curing furnace

The oven is a circular ventilated drying device, which can automatically control the whole process. Equipped with high temperature resistant centrifugal blower. A heating chamber installed in an oven heats hot air. The blower circulates hot air in the oven, which is then heat exchanged with the workpiece and returned to the duct. The air is then reheated and circulated once in the oven to bring the internal temperature up to the technical requirements

The oven has the characteristics of high temperature control precision, simple operation, energy saving, safety, high reliability, and is widely used in the transformer industry, transformer coil dip drying (curing) process and epoxy casting curing process.

Transformer coil drying oven

Oven body structure

Work space



Q235 cold rolled steel byanti-rusttreatment,spray acrylic air-dry paint


Q235 cold rolledsteel byanti-rusttreatment,spray high temperature

resistant silver paint

Heat insulating material

silicate cottoninsulation

Door open


Seal material

asbestos rope

Observation window

two sets

Technical data

Operation temperature

Room temperature~200°C

temperature fluctuation


Temperature stability


Temperature uniformity

≤±2.5%°C(max temperature empty test)

temperature rise

≤room temperature+25°C

temperature rate

≤90min(empty test)

heating power

63KW(2 groups)

Blower power

1.5KW×6 sets

Exhaust power

0.75KW×1 set

Power supply

As per customer’s request

Blowing system

Air supply mode

bottom to top forced hot air circulation

Air out way

left and right sides bottom

Airflow control

double layer multihole adjusting panel

Air return method

multihole panel on the top of heating chamber

Blower motor

low noise centrifugal blower, noise below 65db

Heating system

Electric heater

star connection 220V 50HzU-shaped heating tube


in air duct of left and right sides

Control system

Control cabinet

independent type control cabinet


AI708P programmable intelligent temperature controller with temperature sensing element PT100

Over-temperature alarm

digital temperature controller with temperature sensing element PT100

Heating control

SSR solid state relay contactpower adjustment


high temperature resistant lights2 sets

Protect system

1. Over-temperature alarm system

2. Motor over-current protection

3. Electric heater overcurrent protection

4. Electrical and heating interlock

5. Control circuit protection

6. Air switch


Intake valve

Manual adjust according to work pieces conditions

Exhaust valve

Manual / automatic intermittent exhaust system, flange interface

Body color

As per customer’s request

Work piece trolley

Manual traction, capacity 6 tons, 1 set

Outside guide

For trolley movement

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