Transformation Vacuum Dry Manufacturers Price

Transformation Vacuum Dry

1. The oil tank and pipeline are made of 304 stainless steel, without impurities and pollution. The fuel injection is divided into automatic and manual, and the fuel injection quantity can be precisely controlled.


2. The vacuum system adopts a new condenser design, which makes most of the water in the product cool and release from the condenser, effectively avoiding the pollution of the water in the drying process to the vacuum pump. The high temperature magnetic pump is used as the heat transfer oil delivery pump to make the heating system more stable and avoid the leakage of heat transfer oil.


3. In the heating process, according to the different temperature of human body, the pressure in the vacuum tank is periodically reduced to a certain value through multiple automatic pressure exchange and pressure conversion, which creates the most suitable conditions for the evaporation of evaporation. The moisture is in the heat insulation part of the body, and the evaporation process of the moisture in the drying process is in a reasonable state.

4. Due to the combination of scientific control of drying process and international technology, the problem of iron core rust in drying process can be effectively solved.

5. The automation level of the equipment and the processing technology level of the products can reach the advanced level in China, and the product quality can reach the excellent product level in the industry.

6. The electrical control system and components of the equipment are stable and reliable, which can ensure the continuity of production and use.

Main parts

vacuum dry type oil tank 1 set

Electric trolley system 1 set

Switch door lock system 1 set

Vacuum system 1 set

Heating system 1 set

low temperature condensation system 1 set

measurement and control system 1 set

compressed air system 1 set

insulating armor and installation materials 1 set


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