Supply far infrared oven

Heat treatment supply far infrared oven

Tunnel drying line purpose:

Drying, shrink packaging, paint baking, dehydration, drying, shaping, preheating, melting and high temperature treatment.

Suitable for Industry: heating, drying or curing of ink, glue, paint, PU varnish on the surface of electronic, toy, plastic, hardware, printing, food, medicine, tobacco, paint, leather shoes and batteries.

Supporting materials: stainless steel mesh, stainless steel round, roller, PVC belt and Teflon mesh can be selected.

Design content: it can be heated by infrared ray or heating wire. The temperature is controlled by room temperature - 400 ℃, automatic constant temperature control, automatic switch control of working time, over temperature alarm, adjustable air outlet, air outlet, etc. stainless steel mesh, Teflon mesh, belt and chain can be selected with stainless steel circular transmission.

Performance characteristics of tunnel drying line:

1. Electric heating plate or far-infrared heating plate and other heating elements are used to heat and bake the materials, with independent heating temperature zone, a cooling temperature zone and circulating air design, and the temperature of each internal point is uniform

2. Adopt micro PID microcomputer temperature controller with temperature self-tuning function to control and adjust temperature, with wide range of adjustment and high temperature control accuracy

3. The conveyor line of the drying tunnel can be stainless steel mesh, Teflon mesh, belt, chain with stainless steel round type and other ways, which can be selected according to the working temperature of the drying tunnel and other process requirements. The speed of the drying conveyor adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation to keep stable operation all the time.

Equipment features: mesh belt, belt conveyor, heating pipe, tunnel drying, frequency conversion and speed regulation. It is used for spray heating and drying of plastic parts, lighting, electronics, accessories, home appliances and other industries, and flow operation system of tunnel drying furnace. It can also be specially designed according to the requirements of customers to meet various requirements of customers.


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