Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven

Vacuum oven

Scope of application:

Vacuum drying oven is suitable for drying and heating sensitive, unstable and easily oxidized samples in the industry, medical institutions and research institutions. During the heating process, the working chamber is in a vacuum state, and some complex substances can also be filled with inert gas.

Structural features:


LED digital tube display, tap button input.

Microprocessor PID control, accurate and stable.

The heater is installed on the rack and controlled separately. So the heating is fast and even.

Polished stainless steel chamber, beautiful and durable.

Toughened double glass door ensures safe operation.

The sealing property of the door is adjustable. The door sealing is a single silicon ring, which can ensure the vacuum degree in the chamber.

Inert gas can be filled into the chamber. (when filling, the inert gas pressure shall not be higher than 0.1MPa).

The vacuum is controlled by a microprocessor controller with a digital display.

The working program can be executed in 99 cycles.


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