Kerosene Vapor Phase Drying Plant

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   The use of kerosene permeability characteristics, in a vacuum environment, the use of kerosene steam to heat the items to be dried, kerosene vapor can penetrate deep into the body, release kerosene into liquid heat, but also can scour the body, the condensation of kerosene through The pipes are collected and treated to separate the contained moisture and impurities, which can be reused until the product is completely dried.


As large high-voltage power transformer bulky, thick insulation and more dense, with other equipment to be dry process, a long time and difficult to meet the design requirements. The kerosene vapor phase is the use of kerosene permeability is very strong, the use of appropriate technology, kerosene steam to heat the dryer body, not only the drying effect is good, but the time is short. However, kerosene is a flammable material, kerosene steam is more dangerous, so the operation should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the process to prevent accidents, our equipment has also set the alarm and disposal methods .

Kerosene vapor phase drying process

1. Preparation phase: 2, Heating phase: 3, Step-down phase: 4, High vacuum phase ;


GH-KP series kerosene vapor phase drying plant is mainly used for 110KV and above large high-voltage EHV transformer and transformer drying .

Parameter :

Dimensions (mm):9000×4500×4500

Heating capacity:300kw

Max. operating temperature:135±5℃

Ultimate vacuum: ≤10Pa(unload)

Control mode: Auto smart control by HMI

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