Industrial hot air circulation drying oven

Industrial hot air circulation drying oven features:

Use centrifugal multi-wing blower circulation system; Special duct structure, stable temperature control, uniform temperature field; Manufacturing process specification; Beautiful appearance; Operation and maintenance are easy to purchase simply by providing power and the required working environment.

The supporting parts and components match perfectly; The main functional elements are the international advanced level of the original parts.

Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, full digital PID self-tuning adjustment expert function. Display operating temperature, set point and working conditions. Height control and display accuracy.

The control system of oven is equipped with over-temperature shutdown protector and buzzer, which can be used safely when no one is on duty for 24 hours.

Equipped with high temperature silicone rubber sealing strip; Human environmental consciousness; Ensure the health of workers.

Industrial hot air circulation drying oven

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