Industrial Drying Oven

Industrial Drying Oven Product features

Accurate temperature control of p.i.d, achieving uniform drying effect.

Isolation valve can effectively avoid heat loss and reduce energy consumption

Stainless steel pallets and linings will not contaminate the material. Ood series can dry many kinds of materials at the same time, saving time and high efficiency.

24 hour timer, easy to operate, pre-set drying time.

Multi level protection measures such as overheat protector and alarm lamp can reduce mechanical and human error accidents.

The design of air inlet and air outlet is adjustable, and the air volume can be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers.

Industrial Drying Oven Application

Ood series oven dryer is mainly used for small batch simultaneous drying of various polymers or drying of test materials. It is used for tempering after plastic forming, which can increase the toughness of products and improve product quality. It can also be used for preheating and drying of agriculture, food (grain, food, food), garlic, tea, etc., motor and parts, electroplating, pharmaceutical, paint, printing, etc

Product parameters / specifications


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