Digital Vacuum Degassing Chamber Drying Oven

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Digital Vacuum Degassing Chamber Drying Oven


Description :


Vacuum drying oven is designed for drying of material which is heat-sensitive, easy to decompose and ocidized, it also can rush into inert gas to the internal, especially of some compound material can also be quickly drying.

1. Cuboid chamber maximizes effective volume, micro computer temperature controllers, temperature control accurate and reliable.

2. We can observe indoor objects through toughened and bullet-proof glass door and can fill the workroom with inert gas.

3. The door closure tightness is adjustable, overall forming the silicone rubber door seals circle, ensure the high vacuum inside the drying oven.

4. The studio is made of stainless steel plate (or wire-drawing sheet), ensure durability.

5. Storage, heating, testing and drying is happened in the environment that no oxygen or filled with inert gasses, so there is no oxidation.

6. Minimum heating time, compared with traditional vacuum drying oven heating time reduced by 50% or more.


Application :


vacuum drying oven is suitable for the universities and colleges, scientific research, factories and mines, under the condition of vacuum to drying, heat treatment. Reduces the drying temperature, avoid some items heating oxidation, clean grain of destruction.




Chamber Capacity (L):430

Inner Dimension (W*D*H, mm):630*810*845

Overall Dimension (W*D*H, mm):790*1030*1855

Input Power (W):2800

Working Temp.:+5~40°C

Max. Vacuum Degree:0.098 Mpa

Temp. Range: RT+10~200°C

Liner Material:304 Stainless Steel

Shell Material:Spray-paint Anti-corrosion

Time Range:1~9999 min





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