Curing Oven furnace For The Transformer Epoxy Casting Dry transformer


Curing Oven furnace For The Transformer Epoxy Casting Dry transformer 

Description :

1 , Two sets of over-temperature alarm system to ensure the operation of curing oven safety

2 , According to the product placed in a reasonable choice of hot air circulation, so that the furnace temperature is more uniform, solidification (drying) effect is more pronounced.

3, Advanced electrical control, the use of intelligent temperature controller program, with PID parameter self-tuning, solid state relay power, according to different curing process set any curve, simple operation, reliable performance.

4, Low thermal conductivity High-quality aluminum silicate cotton insulation and unique insulation filling method to ensure that the curing oven insulation performance.

5, This series of curing oven standard accessories are: manual trolley, furnace and furnace outside the track; optional accessories are: automatic trolley, furnace low pressure lighting and observation windows, temperature recorder, computer distributed control system .  

Application : 

GH-CO series curing furnace for epoxy casting dry change, non-encapsulated dry change, non-alloy dry change, transformer and reactor products such as epoxy curing and coil preheating . The series has a good temperature uniformity and unique hot air circulation, and according to the different drying process, we can choose trolley curing oven, thimble rotary curing oven and down gradient curing oven .

Parameter : 

Dimensions (mm)W× L×H):3000×5000×3000

Operation work(℃): Room temperature-200

Operating voltage / frequency(V/ Hz):3-380/50

Heating power(kw): 96

Temperature uniform(%): ±2.5

Temperature fluctuation(℃): ±1


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