Baking food drying Oven

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Baking food drying Oven


Description :


Nearly all hot air cycle within baker,high heating efficiency,energy saving.

Utilizing forced heat air cycle within baker,without air separating plate,material can be dried uniformly.Vapor,heat water,powder,FRI all can be used as heating resources.

Low noise,steady operation;temperature auto adjustment;easy access to temperature control,repair and maintemance.

Various application;all kinds of materials drying;one of most common drying equipment.


Application :


Heat wind cycle baker can be used as drier of medicine,chemistry,food,agricultural and sideline products,sea food,light and heavy industries,such ad raw material medicine,Chinese herb,Chinese herb pill,extractum,powder,electuary.packing bottle,dye,paint,dehydration vegetable,fruit and nut,banger,plastic epoxy and components,bake paint etc.



Heating source:Vapor,Heat conductive oil,hot water,electric heating pipe,FRI etc.

Operation temperature:Vapor heating ambient temperature ~140,Max 150 .

Electriac,FRI,ambient temperature~350 .

Auto-control system and computer control system as option.

Common vapor pressure 0.2~0.8MPa.

Electro-heating (type 1)15kw.

Special requirements should be indicated while ordering.

No standard baker can be produced based on process parameter.

Operation ambient temperature exceed 140 or less than 60 should be marked out while ordering.

Bake vehicle and tray's dimension are standard,changeable.

Bake tray dimension:460×640×45mm






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