4 layer screen printing frame drying oven

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4 layer screen printing frame drying oven




Screen drying cabinet is an important tool in screen printing. Several procedures need a screen drying cabinet like degreasing screen ,coating emulsion, coating hardener, washout and so on.This machine gives up traditional heating pipe technique to adopt advanced and safe flate carbon fiber heating plate. Professional design, energy saving, safe and easy manipulation, used for drying screen ,shading light, proofing dust and so on, suitable for drying screens below 25x21(64x53cm).


Application :


The machine is important equipment in plate-macking,

it is used to dry the screen plate after emulsion coated or after washing screen plate.


Parameter :

Max working area:64*53*45cm

Max temperature:750

Voltage: 220V or 110V

Package size:89*54*62cm

Power: 2000W

Weight:36 kg

Tray: 4 pcs






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