Vibrating fluidized bed dryer

Vibrating fluidized bed dryer


ZLG series vibration fluidized bed dryer to material from the inlet into the machine, the vibration exciting force provided by the motor or other means, the leap in the air distribution plate, at the same time air after filtering, is heated to a certain temperature, the tuyere into the dryer lee chamber, the material in the vibration and the air distribution plate under the action of wind stream double, went into a state of suspension, contact with the hot air flow, material particles and heat medium between the intense turbulent motion, to strengthen heat transfer and mass transfer process, after drying the product is being exhausted from port discharge, evaporation of water and waste gas after recycling dust cyclone separator, the atmosphere. The bed body provides a stable air chamber with a certain pressure for the bed. Adjust the induced draft fan so that the upper part of the bed material in the upper box can maintain a micro negative pressure, maintain a good dry environment and prevent dust from leaking out.

Applicable Scope:

Pharmaceutical chemical industry: all kinds of tablet particles, boric acid, borax, ammonium sulfide, phenol, malic acid, maleic acid and so on. Food building materials: wine trough, monosodium glutamate, granulated sugar, salt, slag, douban, seeds, etc.

It can also be used for cooling and humidifying materials.


The material is heated evenly, the heat exchange is sufficient, the drying strength is high, the energy saving is about 30% compared with the ordinary dryer. Vibration source is driven by vibration motor, with balanced operation, convenient maintenance, low noise and long service life. Fluidized stable, no dead Angle and blowing through phenomenon. Small damage to the surface of the material, can be used for fragile drying, material particles irregular will not affect the working effect.

The fully enclosed structure can effectively prevent the cross pollution between the material and the air, and the working environment is clean. Good adjustability, adapt to the width of the surface, thickness of the material layer and the change of the moving speed and amplitude in the machine can realize stepless adjustment.

Due to the vibration, the small fluidized gas velocity can be reduced, which can significantly reduce the air demand, and thus reduce the entrapping of dust layer. Supporting heat source, fan, cyclone separator, etc., can also be correspondingly reduced specifications, reduce the complete set of equipment, energy saving effect is obvious. The retention time in the machine can be changed conveniently by adjusting vibration parameters. The operation of piston flow reduces the requirement of uniform particle size and regularity, and it is easy to obtain uniform drying products.

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