Seaweed (coconut) drying line

Project classification: Seaweed (coconut) drying production line selected products: DWC series dehydrated vegetable belt dryer

Seaweed (coconut) drying line

Project Overview:

Alga, as the algae growing in the sea, is the cryptoflowering plant of the plant kingdom. Alga includes several different species of organisms that use photosynthesis to produce energy. They are generally considered as simple plants with the following characteristics: no vascular tissue and no differentiation of roots, stems and leaves; No blossom, no fruit or seed; Reproductive organs without specialized protective tissue, often directly from a single cell to produce spores or gametes; And the formation of no embryos. Because of the simple structure of algae, some botanists put it together with fungi in the lower plant "foliate flora." Seaweed is abundant in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

The production line can use high-end DW mesh belt dryer, which can realize high efficiency drying of seaweed and coconut palm.

Job Advantages:

The whole production line is fully closed (for materials), consisting of three parts: swinging cloth section, drying section and discharging section. The swinging cloth section makes the algae evenly dispersed on the screen and uniformly transported to the drying section. After the hot air drying section at 80 ° C, 90 ° C and 120 ° C, the seaweed is discharged in the discharge section. The circulation of the circulating wind direction and the air inside each unit is downward, that is, the heated air is inhaled by the induced draft fan. After the fan outlet is first pre-distributed and then homogenized through the orifice plate, the hot air penetrates the material layer upward (or downward) from the bottom of the material.

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