Drying Heating Treatment Equipment

Conveyor oven refers to the oven that uses conveyor or belt to process parts or materials through the main heating chamber for rapid heat treatment. It is designed for rapid drying and curing of products and is now widely used. Generally, the conveyor oven is of tunnel structure and consists of several controlled areas. The furnace also has fast thermal response, uniform and stable temperature distribution; it can heat the treated parts to 800 ℃. C. (may vary by model). The belt speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted to meet the needs of customers. According to different requirements of baking time of various products, the intelligent control system can be realized by PLC intelligent control system. Drive frequency conversion speed regulation, can realize stepless speed change. It can pre store more than 15 groups of parameters to realize automatic operation.

It is suitable for baking chemical gas and food processing products, removing substrate stress, curing ink, drying paint film, etc. Widely used in electronics, electrical, composite materials, communications, electroplating, plastics, metallization, food, printing, pharmaceutical, PC board, powder, impregnation, spraying, glass, ceramics, wood building materials Precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, molding, processing, etc.


Internal dimension: l4000 * H200 * w550mm

Boundary dimension: L6000 * h1410 * w950mm

Working space transportation height: 850mm ± 50mm

Size of each section: L2000 * h1410 * w950mm

Heating source: electricity

Temperature range: Indoor - + 250 ° C

Temperature uniformity: ≤± 5 ° C (no load)

Belt speed: 3-6M / M

Equipment features

1. It is designed according to the proportion of human engineering, easy to operate and modern in appearance.

2. The internal argon arc welding is all stainless steel welding to prevent the dust of the machine itself.

3. Unique air duct design ensures uniform internal temperature

4. First class thermal insulation technology, excellent sealing effect.

5. Double over temperature protection, more safe and reliable.

6. Fast temperature rise, stable and accurate temperature.

7. The low temperature of the shell has little effect on the indoor environment temperature.

8. Various heating and air supply modes are set according to the products, which are energy-saving, safe and environmental friendly.

9. Module design: flexible and independent operation of each section.

10. The color can be customized according to the color card.

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