Color masterbatch pre-crystallized vacuum drying unit

Description of equipment: Color master dryer is a complete set of equipment for color master precrystallization and high drying requirements, suitable for polyester color masterbatch, functional color masterbatch and other color masterbatch that need to be precrystallized and high drying under certain temperature conditions.

Color masterbatch pre-crystallized vacuum drying unit

The main equipment adopts double-cone rotary vacuum dryer as the prototype, and the tank rotates forward and backward alternately during operation, which meets the requirements of uniform material handling during crystallization drying and avoids problems such as color masterbatches sticking to each other. The inside of the tank is smooth without dead Angle, easy to clean, suitable for different color masterbatch in the same equipment.

Color masterbatch pre-crystallization vacuum drying equipment is composed of electric heating oil furnace, double cone rotary vacuum dryer, vacuum pump group, control cabinet and so on.

Equipment features:

1. High degree of automation, unattended during operation, in line with the production characteristics of color masterbatch manufacturers.

2. Easy to operate, vacuum feeding quick interface is reserved for the equipment, low labor intensity of operators, to avoid problems such as color masterbatch spraying in the process of feeding and feeding, which is conducive to on-site management and waste avoidance.

3. Audible and visual alarm prompts are set to timely notify personnel to do the corresponding work.

Equipment application: The existing equipment has achieved good results in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places, and is getting perfect day by day.

The specifications of complete set of equipment available now include: 0.5 ton/lot, 1 ton/lot, 1.5 ton/lot, 2 ton/lot,

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