A drying device for drying fruits and vegetables

Dried fruit fish for drying fruits and vegetables of characteristics:

1.The main material is stainless steel. The machine is durable and healthy.

2. There is a control panel on the machine, which can meet the requirements of baking tea. The panel is easy to operate and low maintenance costs.

3. The machine adopts the overall box design, the appearance is simple and generous, and equipped with universal wheel, easy to move.

4. The temperature can be set from 0 to 299 ℃, as you need.

5. The baking method of this machine is rotating baking to make the material evenly baked.

A drying device for drying fruits and vegetables

Product information for fruit and fish drying equipment for drying fruits and vegetables

Tea roasting machine is also known as oil remover, its heating is divided into electric heating and hot air furnace heating. The tea roasting machine is mainly used for subsequent tea roasting because it provides relatively enclosed space, produces stable temperature and slow air circulation, reduces the leakage of the tea flavor and gives the tea delicious elegance. The slow roasting mode at low temperature further prevents enzymatic oxidation of the leaves, evaporating water until the tea is completely dry, eliminating bitterness and making the taste more delicious.

The machine adopts the whole box design, the appearance is simple and generous, and is equipped with universal wheel, to facilitate the movement. Automatic control of temperature and time, safe, reliable and easy to operate. The temperature can be freely set between 0 ℃ and 299℃, which is suitable for drying and baking operations, as well as drying Chinese herbs, health tea and some agricultural products, with a wide range of applications.

Drying equipment for fruit and vegetable drying of parameters

ModelOutside dimensionsDrying layers

Total effective 
       drying area

(square meters)

Hourly set
YX-6CHZ-2730*605*1550mm10 layers
       (rotary type)
YX-6CHZ-61200*1200*1940mm12 layers
       (rotary type)
YX-6CHZ-81190*1080*1980mm14 layers
       (rotary type)


1190*1080*2100mm16 layers
       (rotary type)

Dried fruit fish for drying fruits and vegetables of application

The machine is used for drying tea, vegetables and fruits, herbs, seafood, mushrooms, spices, grains, nuts, seeds and so on.

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