300 Kg Freeze Drying Equipment for Sale

300 kg freeze drying equipment

300 kg freeze-drying equipment is a kind of drying equipment used to remove moisture from food. Compared with other drying methods, the quality of the final product is the best. Commercial freeze-drying equipment is widely used for freeze-drying fruits, vegetables, food, meat, seafood, coffee, tea, flowers, pet food, medicine, herbal medicine, biological products, chemical products, various mixed liquids, chemical products, new product materials. In short, freeze dryer can be used to freeze dry various products.

Working principle of 300 kg freeze drying equipment:

When the material is dehydrated at low temperature and low pressure, the property of the material will only change a little. The dehydration process is sublimation. In other words, the moisture in the material will change directly from a solid ice state to a vapor state.

Advantages of freeze-dried food:

1. Maintain 99% nutrition

2. No additives, green food

3. Long storage time

4. Beautiful color and appearance

5. Crispy


What kind of freeze dryer is suitable for food freeze-drying?

Food freeze-drying equipment should have the characteristics of large capacity and low energy consumption. Radiation type commercial freeze-drying equipment is more suitable for food, conductive type is more suitable for liquid, but it can also be used for solid materials.

Main features of freeze dryer

1. High quality chambers, shelves and condensers.

2. CE approved well-known components.

3. Energy saving design.

4. Exquisite workmanship and reliable parts.

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