Low temperature decomposing furnace

Low temperature decomposing furnace product description:

The low temperature pyrolysis processor of waste is a high-tech environmental protection product successfully developed by our company. Has applied for the national patent. The products are mainly divided into three parts: furnace body, flue gas purification device and magnetizing chamber. Through the depth of low-temperature pyrolysis of garbage, organic matter in low oxygen state is accelerated to decompose into gas, water and inorganic ash. The flue gas produced by the flue gas purification device after discharge. Inorganic ash can be used as building materials, fertilizer use, can achieve local processing.

Low temperature decomposing furnace product features:

♦ completely eliminate the generation of dioxin: through the technology and equipment in magnetized low temperature pyrolysis under the low temperature of 300 degrees to dioxins reduction and decomposition, thereby eliminating the generation of dioxin.

♦ low operating costs: don't need to waste solution of heat and power, in addition to the first ignition fuel ignition, the rest does not require an external power. Automatic pyrolysis of waste. Flue gas treatment requires a small amount of energy and can be configured with solar power generation equipment. At the same time, the equipment is small size, less investment, simple operation, less manpower, especially suitable for urban and rural household waste treatment.

♦ flexible planning: system cover an area of an area small, seal design, clean, odorless, can be used single set or more sets of combinations, convenient location, area, season, weather.

♦ reduction to 1/300, 1/300 of the waste residue is only input, can be treated at the local, greatly reduces the transport and burial costs, etc. The ash discharged after processing can be used for paving roads, making insulation materials or planting flowers

♦ small impact on the environment: the equipment run time no dust, no smell, no noise, no secondary pollution, the sanitary condition is good, the garbage disposal process of environmental impact is small.

♦ vent all the indexes accord with municipal solid waste incineration (GB18485-20014) pollution control standards.

Low temperature decomposing furnace

Low temperature decomposing furnace equipment specifications:

ModelTreatment Capacity (Ton/Per Day)Population QtyArea Covered(m2)Matching Site Area Covered(m2)

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