Plastic Auxiliary Water Cooling System

Plastic auxiliary refrigeration equipment product description of refrigerator / chiller

Water tight industrial chiller adopts advanced production technology, with superior quality, compact structure and beautiful appearance. The product can be widely used in plastic, electroplating, electronic manufacturing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, food processing, refrigeration and other industrial places as well as hotels, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and other civil air conditioning systems.


1. The energy-saving compressor adopts the imported international brand, which matches the quality of condenser and evaporator, with high efficiency, stable performance, low noise and long service life. The energy transfer system and compressor of the industrial PLC central control unit can control the refrigerating capacity and load of the control unit timely and accurately to ensure the best efficiency, so as to make the unit run and reduce the operating cost;

2. Internal water integration; low temperature, high pressure, freezing, phase loss, delayed start, reverse, overload, motor overheating, oil pressure and poor treatment and other safety functions;

3. English user interface, menu prompt, unit operation status and operation environment of household appliances can be set;

4. The volume control can be divided into four sections (100% - 75% - 50% - 25%) or three sections (100% - 66% - 33%) without sections;

5. The unique built-in hydraulic system ensures the best lubrication effect of the compressor without pump. The oil separator has double filtering function and good filtering effect, which can give full play to the capacity of the heat exchanger;

6. High efficiency screw copper tube, enhanced heat transfer effect, more energy saving. CNC machining center is designed and manufactured with the latest CAD / CAM technology. It is compact in structure, small in volume and durable. U-beam structure of the pipeline can be cleaned in the overall scale, easy to maintain, to prevent refrigerant leakage;

7. All the imported corrugated steel pipes, hydrophilic hyperbolic aluminum foil, high-speed drilling and other professional equipment manufacturers are used. The pipes and fins are closely exposed, with higher heat transfer efficiency, small size, light weight, more compact and reasonable advantages


Application of chiller:

Industrial chiller is an ideal solution for any application, especially in the plastic field, such as injection molding, extrusion (sheet and profile), blow molding, thermoforming, pet, plastic film and other industrial fields: electroplating (surface treatment) treatment, medicine, chemical industry, hydraulic system, leaser, shoemaking, electronics, printing, etc.

Custom acceptance:

The company has a team of special engineers to design, they can provide special solutions according to your work needs, such as customized cooling capacity, marine special materials, sea water, corrosiveness, food industry, juice and wine processing technology, etc.

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