High quality industrial cooling system

Linbel offers LTC series circulating vacuum pumps that are oil-free, chemically resistant and easy to maintain.

Through the venturi effect, the alcohol flow produces a vacuum of up to 20 mbar.

The pump provides constant alcohol recirculation and can be used to cool the condenser and greatly reduce alcohol consumption.

All the main components of the pump are made of PTFE, making it an economical and efficient alternative to the traditional PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump.

High quality industrial cooling system


Tank Volume(L)100
Coolant Temp.(℃)-40
Cooling Capacity(W)3700-8500
Power Supply(V/HZ)220/50(customized)
Rated Power(W)11376
Size of the opening(mm)320

Main features:

(1) oil-free, corrosion-resistant and reliable.

(2) all major valves and components are made of PTFE and are well suited for chemically related operations.

(3) no oil change, no cold trap for water/alcohol solution.

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